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Real estate in Senegal suffers from the perceived but often real image of a lack of credibility of the players, the very high level of prices charged which is out of all proportion to average income levels, and the particularly high rates of bank credit (8% to 14%). This situation maintains the vagueness in the sector and diverts a large number of clients towards the informal sector to the detriment of professionals in the sector.

 Developing a strategy of differentiation, FonciEthic will focus on management ethics to restore the human element to the centre of real estate. Ethics to serve the human being because ethics unite us.

Fonciethic is a management and relationship management (intermediation) company:

A company that manages productive real estate and investment projects. It advises and accompanies project owners in this dual role.


FonciEthic, aims to be the REFERENCE in real estate through management ethics that emphasizes systematic control, fair prices and information at the service of customers. These are key elements of FonciEthic’s strategy, the aim of which is to restore confidence within the sector.  

Thus, FonciEthic aims to implement and consolidate a network of converging players in order to have a lasting impact on the direction of real estate in Senegal.

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Cheikh Omar BARO has been active in the real estate and consulting business since 2008.

He has acquired solid experience in assisting clients in the choice of product up to the issue of the final title deed, as well as in the regularisation process (Title deed (Deliberation, Lease) and Title deed (TF)) and building permit applications.

He is therefore fully conversant with the procedures for allocating land in the national domain and the procedures for securing and regularising it.


Preferred areas of intervention: the useful triangle



Fonciethic provides the following administrative services on behalf of third parties.

  • Lease application
  • Building permit application
  • Application for land title
  • Request for transfer for deliberations
  • Various administrative procedures :
  • Senelec subscription
  • Seneau subscription